Volgina 7, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia

Conference Topics

Stellar and Solar Physics

    Invited Talks:

  • Osman Demircan: Stellar rotation: theory and observation

  • Cristiana Dumitrache: Filament evolution

  • Ilian Iliev: Surface mapping and tomography: new gems for the crown of stellar spectroscopy

  • Nevena Markova: Quantitative spectroscopy of OB stars: Theory and Observations

  • Eleni Rovithis-Livaniou: Latest news from the field of exoplanets

Dynamical astronomy

    Invited Talks:

  • Christos Efthymiopoulos: Invariant manifolds and chaotic spiral arms in galaxies

Galaxies and Cosmology

    Invited Talks:

  • Daniela Kirilova: Neutrino in Cosmology

  • Mehmet Ozel: Gamma Ray Burst and Afterglow research in Turkey

  • Milan Ćirković: The Galactic habitable zone and Fermi‚Äôs Paradox